Monday, September 14, 2009

Void - Potion For Bad Dreams

Many times you'll read about Void that they were ahead of their time with their Metal influenced Hardcore-Punk, but I'd rather say, they were completely out of everything. Their "Condensed Flesh" demo and their side of the Void/Faith split is just so far beyond everything any other band has ever done, it's no surprise that Void became one of the real cult bands of the early 80ies Hardcore movement. The screams, the wild, chaotic lead guitar, the insane speed, for sure a must-know for everybody who listens to Hardcore. But what's that I've found quite some time ago in the depth of the internet? The demos of the unreleased second Void LP (or first LP, depending on if you'd say the split is a real LP) "Potion For Bad Dreams". To be honest, it's not that great haha, I mean Void went the same way a lot of bands went from that era: slowing down, more rock, less punk. Of course you still can tell it's Void, the vocals are still quite crazy, and all the rock leads where there before as well, but now they are played cleaner (and, if you want, a little bit better). Somehow this sounds like Void trying to play Mötley Crüe songs, and in a way it's cool (because it's Void) but really, basically it's the demo for a average rock album. So don't expect too much, but listen to it anyway, you know, for the record. Some of the songs break off suddenly, the sound itself is pretty good, I guess they were recorded in a proper studio.

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