Saturday, September 12, 2009

Johnny Angel - They Have Lift Off

So, today I've decided to upload a rather obscure record. That means, not that obscure, but at least obscure enough that not everyone who should know it knows it. The most valuable fact about this band that will make you read further (or stop reading at this very moment) is that this was the band Dave Claiburn of Unbroken played in after their break-up, and I've heard that he played guitar in Johnny Angel. But I've also heard that he sang, but I don't really know, the vocals don't sound like him at all, so I guess I prefer the guitar-playing version.This record was released on CD by Bloodlink Records, and I have a 10" vinyl version here that was released on a German label called SNC Empire, but I guess there also exist a US pressing. That's all the basic facts I know. When it comes down to the music, one band has to come to your mind, especially when you know in band what Eric Allen played in after Unbroken: the Swing Kids. The music of Johnny Angel is, at the first hearing, so much like the Swing Kids that they could be easily mistaken for them. Of course, after listening to this a few times more you can hear some slight differences, Johnny Angel is a little bit more aggressive, maybe a little bit more punk, and a little less jazzy than the Swing Kids. But sound-wise, especially vocal-wise, it's really similar to the Swing Kids. So if you like the them, you'll most definetly like Johnny Angel, if you get turned off by spastic 90's screamo, you probably won't like it. I love it.

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