Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Perth Express - Harrow and Wealstone (Review)

When it comes to Perth Express (from Germany) I'd have to slap myself in the face, yelling "better late than never". I don't know why I ignored that band during the time of their existence (they broke up 2009) but I did. Today I received an order from Bis aufs Messer, and because they couldn't deliver everything I ordered they gave me a CD version of the Perth Express record for free. Which is cool anyway. But usually I don't even listen to CDs at home, let alone free CDs. But this time I did and it was like "Fuck. I missed something awesome". This record is so great, I'll have to get it on vinyl for damn sure. The music's a combination of everything what makes Hardcore good. For the most part, it's fast as hell (check out that drummer, insane guy), but not a simple fast. The guitar work is excellent all of the time, bringing fine melodies, the vocals are super heavy and harsh as fuck, the lyrics (in German and English) are really good as well. Overall the music's pissed, dirty and angry. Just how I like it. Do you know the song "Buried but Breathing" by Converge? Imagine From Ashes Rise would play that song with Chris Colohan of Cursed doing the vocals and you'll get a rough impression of how this record sounds. But to be honest, you'll have to check that band out by yourself to get the whole picture. This record was recorded at the Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg, a studio where nearly every (better) German Hardcore band records, but I don't think this record sounds like most of the others. The guitars sound really crisp and cristal clear, although they are downtuned as fuck. Which is cool. Excellent record, nothing more to say here.

Perth Express on myspace.com

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