Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vader - Necropolis (Review)

Fuck all Deathcoreposerbullshit, fuck breakdowns and girlpants, fuck everything. This is the new Vader record and if you don't start to bang your head with the first note of the first song, you're not worth reading this blog one minute longer hahaha. Seriously, this piece of vinyl (of course there's a CD version as well) is so brilliant, it's the best Deathmetal record that got released 2009 so far. I mean, Vader are into this nearly as long as I live, so they know how to do it. But in difference to other bands that are "in the game" for that long which perhaps start to experiment with other influences and stuff like that, Vader just kill. I mean, just kill. The vocals sound so fucking mean, like a witch-priest or something like that. The music's just the perfect. Hard. And fast. And heavy. And dark. And heavy and heavy and heavy. Did I mention the perfect vocals? Nobody sounds like that. Except Satan himself maybe. My favourite song is probably "Impure". It makes me want to thrash myself, my room, my neighbours, their families and friends. I can't fucking wait to get to see Vader live by the end of September, it's gonna be so good. I'm blown away.

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