Friday, September 11, 2009

In rememberance to "Deutschlands beschissenste Skateparks"

I hope some of you remember the Boardstein Magazine, the only German skateboard mag you could read without getting turned off by glossy, money grabbing, high end-styled poser bullshit. After the demise of the mag they continued to do a website at least, which is cool. Whatever, in the mag there always was a short rubric called "Deutschlands beschisstenste Skateparks" ("Germany's most fucked up skateparks") where readers could send pictures of really misbuilt, misplanned, totally fucked up skateparks. I always planned to send some pictures of the "skatepark" from the village where I grew up (they built it a few years after I left), because it's literally a fucking joke. I mean... look at the picture! It just doesn't make any sense! Since I always forgot to take the picture when Boardstein was still running, here you are:
No, this ain't a fucking joke, this is basically all there is, except some kind of a curbbox, which is pretty impossible to skate anyway.
So if you ever survive a plane crash in the middle of nowhere (means: Lower Bavaria), and strand in a village called Triftern, you could check it out by yourself. But you probably wouldn't want to. LOL.

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