Friday, September 11, 2009

Toxic Revolution/Magnicide split 12" (Review)

The first vinyl appearance of Toxic Revolution, and just how I expected it to be: awesome. Their side of the split 12" (released on TVG Records) is named "Short - Fast - Loud", and that sums it up pretty good, even though it may sound cliché to some people. But clichés are clichés because they work, and like I said, these eight songs ARE short, fast, and loud. This is really great stuff, written under the influence of Powerviolence, Grindcore and Hardcore bands like In Disgust, Spazz, Infest, early Napalm Death and so on, you name it. What's so great about these songs is that Toxic Revolution manages to bring in loads of own ideas and an own style (music wise), so that the result sounds really unique. You can hear their passion and love for extreme music throughout every chord and drumbeat. Of course this stuff is played good, the production's perfect (not too basement, not too clean) and the artwork shows a bunch of zombies. You just can't go wrong with zombies. Oh and there a quite lot of samples in between the songs, but they really match the atmosphere of the music, so that's cool as well.
On the flip side you'll get Magnicide's songs, nine in total. Although the music from these Singapore grindheads is located in the same genre like Toxic Revolution, it's different, not as varying, a little less inspiring. But if you dig music like that you're probably not searching for diversity anyway. For damn sure this is brutal and fast as well, fans of the genre won't be disappointed for a second. So if you like your Hardcore fast and raw, and worship MOSH 8, get this record.

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