Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Black Sabbath - Radio One Session (1970)

I guess everybody who ever listened to any kind of "rock music" knows about Black Sabbath. Everybody who listens to any kind of Metal has to worship them, and even every Hardcore kid should at least accept the fact that some of the greatest Hardcore bands were heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, for example Black Flag, Void or Integrity. Although I love most of the stuff they did with Ozzy, and like some of the stuff they did with Dio, I can understand that, especially people with a Hardcore backround, don't like the stuff with the latter, because of his voice. Well, Heaven & Hell is much better than some of the later recordings with Ozzy, but that's just my opinion.
What I uploaded here is a Radio session Black Sabbath (with the classic line-up Osbourne/Iommi/Butler/Ward) played at April 26th 1970 for John Peel's "Sunday Show" on Radio 1. The songs are "Black Sabbath", "Walpurgis", "Faries wear boots" and "Behind the wall of sleep". "Black Sabbath" lasts 9:25 minutes, is played a little bit different and slower than the album version, and way heavier. Especially when Ozzy says "oh no please god help me", I mean it's already quite frightening on the LP, but here you really see Satan sitting behind the desk, and not John Peel. Ozzy's vocals are great throughout the whole recording, by the way. "Walpurgis", the "pre-Warpigs", comes up with slightly different lyrics, one of the best Sabbath songs anyway. With "Faries wear boots" one of the "lesser" known songs is also there, probably everybody knows it anyway, but you know, it's not exactly "Paranoid". "Behind the wall of sleep" is faster than on the LP, and the arrangements are a little bit different as well. Fuck I love Black Sabbath. The sound of the recording is bit "dusty" but I think it fits the mood perfectly, very necro and heavy.

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