Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Final Plan - Dead End Nights

This 7" was released years ago on the now defunct Dead By 23 Records, a small label that put much work into every detail of its releases, so that some of the 7"s (I think they've only released 7"s) became quite valuable collector's items. Besides this one the Frostbite 7" is my favourite release on DB23, I guess I'll post that record some time soon as well. But lets talk about The Final Plan. Like so many times, I don't know anything about this band. I think the only release they had besides this 7" was a split with a band called My Luck. But if you listen to this record you'll know in a second in what time it was released -  a time where American Nightmare and Panic were the real deal. This record sounds really a lot like Panic on their first two 7"s, especially the vocals. But The Final Plan were definetly able to stick up from the countless AN copies at that time, by bringing in a little bit of a Clevo-feeling, with a little bit of double bass here and there and some sick guitar solos similar to bands like Integrity. Sounds weird, but the music speaks for itself, I really think this is a very underrated record, by a very very underrated band that managed to fuse 2k1 "Bridge 9" Hardcore with Clevo brutality.

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