Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Boulder - Ripping Christ

This is a best of compilation of a band called Boulder. To be honest, I don't know very much about this band when it comes down to basic facts. Metal Archives tells me that this band played "Heavy Metal", was formed in 1991 and had a shitload of releases. But I've heard that there is a connection between members of Boulder and the early to mid nineties Cleveland Hardcore scene, but again: no hard facts. Musicwise this band has way more in common with Hardcore bands like Iron Age or War Hungry than with your average Heavy Metal band. I mean the vocals are heavily distorted (not unlike Eyehategod) and screamed, and you have tons of grooving parts, and the songwriting is in general more Punk than Metal, means short songs, and most of the time simple structured. The tracks on this compilation that have been originally released on their later records are even a little bit chaotic, maybe like a stoner version of Coalesce. Or something like that. So no more blabla, if you dig bands like the above mentioned and have a certain affinity to Sludgecore in general, you can't go wrong with Boulder.

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