Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alpinist - Minus.Mensch (Review)

Alpinist is a band from Münster, Germany. If you'll ever meet these guys, get the chance to hang out with them, visit one of the shows they do with others at ND12, you'd say they're the nicest dudes you'd ever met. If you see them on stage, playing their downtuned, pissed off, heavy, bulldozing dark Hardcore, chances are high you'll shit your pants because of plain fear. And this record is not any more harmless. When I listen to it I get a certain picture in my head: it's me, standing with clenched fists on the edge of a cliff at night, in a thunderstorm, with 15 meter high waves clashing against the rocks, but I just keep screaming against the thunder and all the noise. This is a record for the unloved kids, for the alienated ones, for people who don't know where to go and where they belong, for the ones who wake up every day being mad at the world, for everyone who feels anger rising up when taking a look at the world. You need more? Ok, if you like the following keywords you'll probably like Alpinist: downtuned guitars, blastbeats, morbid melodies, heaviness, From Ashes Rise, His Hero Is Gone. I really recommend you to listen to that band, chances are good they play your living room within the next few months, so there's no excuse.

Alpinist on myspace.com

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