Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lightbringer - Inhumation 7" (Review)

Wow, first post in quite some time, I'm sorry I was a bit lazy the last weeks. But there are a lot of uploads planned, plus the first interview I did for over a year or so. Blablabla.
Flashback: April 2009, after nearly three weeks of touring Europe, and a few let downs here and there, we're playing Brighton with a new band called Lightbringer. Guitar leads, the singer screams into the PA-cabinets, In Cold Blood cover. Fuck yeah. Now: what I got in the mail yesterday was the preorder of Lightbringer's debut 7", and this is probably the best 7" by a new band I've listened to this year. Lightbringer are more or less from Brighton, England, and some of its members played in a band called The Break-In, and if you know their "Unbowed" album you could probably guess what direction Lightbringer is taking. I mean, the musical influences are so obvious, just take your favourite Clevo-style bands, put in even some more hard-as-nails moshparts, and there you are. But I don't want to lessen Lightbringer's musicanship, they are definetly able to put their very own stamp on this style of metallic Hardcore. The singer's voice sounds like spitten out by the throats of hell, the songwriting overall is excellent, just take the title track: Inhumation is nearly 6 minutes long, with quite a lot of different parts, but they're all melted together as if they would have been thrown into the lava of Mount Doom. Damn I should get a life... One last thing I have to mention is the awesomeness of the lead guitar. Seriously, everytime a solo is being thrown in (and there a plenty of them), I start to play air guitar immediately. Although I know how fucked up that is.
Some words about the artwork: it was put together by Richard Shiner (who plays guitar in Lightbringer), who may be best known for his artwork for the Pulling Teeth/Frightener split 7". And imo the artwork looks pretty neat, not your typical Dürer woodcut or something. Oh and the 7" comes in a real gatefold, which isn't that common as well, so it's cool.
The lyrics are dealing with misanthrophy, hate, death and so on: "I've been down for years, since I was born of this cold, I've walked a crooked mile, and life stripped me of a soul". Nothing you would write in a loveletter, so to say.
F.f.o.: Integrity, Ringworm, Mayday, In Cold Blood. This band gave me back some hope that there are still pissed off, dark, dirty and heavy Hardcore bands whose members don't look like fucking, douche baggish American Apparel models with a completely studied choreography. 

Lightbringer on

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