Monday, December 21, 2009

Mind Trap Demo (Review)

When we played in Linz (Austria) at mid-November 09, we played with this really young Austrian band from Vienna called Mind Trap. The first thing I saw were their shirt designs, and they used a font very similar to that of Mind Eraser, so I was hoping for something similar awesome. And what can I say, I wasn't disappointed! Imagine four really young kids (well, at least in comparison to old farts like us) blasting out some seriously ripping, hard and brutal as fuck Hardcore not unlike your favourite 90ies Powerviolence band or, if you're born after let's say 1990, not unlike bands like Trash Talk. They played so out of control, so wild and with such an fucked up attitude, imagine a glue sniffin' version of Infest and you'll get the picture. Their demo was already sold out, but they handed out sheets of paper with the download adress on it, so I downloaded it as soon as we were home again, and fuck man, the demo blew me of my chair, no shit. The songs are really powerful, well played and the production really kicks ass, I wonder if anybody will put this out on a 7", because the quality of the recording and the sound are so awesome. And what I think is so refreshing about Mind Trap, they don't seem to be like those suck ass trendy kids who are into Ceremony and Trash Talk but know shit about the roots of this kind of Hardcore, just the opposite. They've definetly done their homework and know how to deliver some raw, fast and brutal shit. You'll find the download link to their demo on their myspace page, so check that ouououot!
Mind Trap's blog

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