Monday, December 21, 2009

Juggernaut Demo (Review)

Austria, the second! At the beginning of December 09 we played a show in Wermelskirchen, Germany, and besides playing with this really, really aweful Metalcore band (fuck DON'T ask how much they sucked...) we got to know this new band from Vienna, Juggernaut. The guys of Mind Trap mentioned their name a few times, so I was curious to see them, and now I wonder if somebody dropped a talent bomb on Vienna. First thing, those guys are really chill, it was cool to hang out with and talk to them, it was kinda like as if we knew each other already for a while (this kinda sounds like a real romance haha). Second thing, although they had some bad luck with the PA sound, they were hard and awesome live. Third, their demo rules. I think everybody in Goldust bought or traded one haha, and that definetly means something. It starts off with a really hard, mid-tempo drum intro, evolving into the first mosh part (and there are loads to follow). On some songs (I think there are five all together) you'll get awesome guitar leads, and all in all this shit just rules. It's kinda like in between hard, grooving NYHC and Cleveland Hardcore, so you know that you have to expect some heavy shit. What I really like about their songs is that they get a hard and brutal sound just by writing hard and brutal songs, unlike so many bands these days that try to sound heavy by tuning down to dropped C and drowning in mid-tempo bullshit. Juggernaut definetly have this regular, fast Hardcore riffs, good breakdowns and moshparts, so what more can you ask for? I always like it when bands have moshparts that allow you to bang your head and/or smash the dude standing next to you, and Juggernaut have loads of these moshparts. I guess if this demo would have been released by some Belgian or Dutch band 5 years ago, they'd be on Reflections now, no shit. If they manage to keep up delivering the goods, this is gonna be big. The sound of the demo is quite raw, and sometimes you can hear some strange interference from the metronome or something, but whatever, it's a demo so it doesn't have to sound like recorded at Godcity. File under "must have".

Juggernaut's blog

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