Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Eyelid - Bleeding Through EP

Sometimes I wonder why there are so many good Hardcore bands from the 90ies that are mostly ignored or forgotten today. I mean every band that recorded a shitty demo in a basement, even it is the worst shit you've ever heard, is considered cult and a "must-know", just because it's from the 80ies.
Eyelid is one of those forgotten bands from the 90ies; the strange thing is that they had the best chances to be remebered: former members of Strife, records on Indecision and a quite unique sound.
On this 7" (released by Phyte Records) you'll find three tracks that were also released on their 1995 demo. The songs are a lot more straight forward then the stuff they did later on, especially on their "If it kills" full length, and they're really damn good. You'll get grooving 90ies Hardcore, not unlike early Earth Crisis for example, but with that certain "westcoast-vibe".
One funny thing about that 7": as you can see on the backcover it says: "available only on summer tour 1996", but in fact that tour (which should have been with Strife) never happened, so the 7" wasn't avaible until Eyelid toured in 1997.

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