Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Damnation A.D. - st EP

I guess I have mentioned often enough how much I love Damnation A.D. So no more talk about that. What I've uploaded here is Damnation's self titled 7" (at least I think it's self titled, since the cover only says "3:59/3:54", which are the durations of the two songs). This 7" was recorded in September/October 97, so I guess it was probably released in late 97/early 98, and that means in between the Misericordia 10" and the Kingdom of Lost Souls full length.
What's god about this 7": the little picture on the cover of Hillel playing his Flying V and wearing a gasmask (click on the picture to get the full resolution), the two songs ("The Mortal" and "Hasn't happened yet"), which are nearly as rough as the ones on Misericordia, but bringing up the heaviness of the "Kingdom" material, and the pessimistic lyrics. What sucks about this 7": Like of most releases on Victory records at that time, the artwork of this one's a fucking joke. Besides the picture of Hillel. 

Ok, the lyrics:

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