Monday, August 3, 2009

Black Flag - My War Demos 1982

Some undeniable classic here. Since every dickhead in the world talks about Black Flag as if he'd knew Greg Ginn personally but only knows the Damaged LP (and maybe the First Four Years Compilation), I decided to upload this masterpiece of Hardcore-Punk, in my opinion the best stuff Black Flag ever recorded: The 1982 Demos, recorded in between the "Damaged" LP and its follow up "My War". These songs were recorded while Black Flag were entangled in legal battles with MCA records and couldn't release any "real" recorded material. So this stuff isn't available as a regular release, but got bootlegged many times, so it should be pretty easy for you to get this on vinyl or CD.
Like I said, this is a masterpiece. We have here the only recordings with the classic 5-man Black Flag line-up, consisting of
Henry Rollins (vocals), Greg Ginn (guitar), Dez Cadena (guitar), Chuck Dukowski (bass) and Chuck Bisquits (drums). The sound quality is quite good, but the feeling is amazing. The songs sound a lot rougher than on the regular releases, and heavier, and more nihilsitic, and more fucked up, seriously, soundwise I think it's by far the best Black Flag record. I always thought that the production of the "My War" LP is too clean and watered down, here you can hear the songs like they really should be, heavy and mean sounding, with tons of feedback, and a manic Rollins screaming his guts out. You don't know SHIT about Black Flag if you don't know this record.