Thursday, August 6, 2009


The year 2004. While visiting an old friend of mine we drove in his car somewhere, and he put a tape in, saying something about a collaboration between two of my favourite 90ies Hardcore bands, Damnation AD and Bloodlet (in Damnation's case, one of my favourite bands in general). 4 years later I remebered that, but forgot the name of the project (which was pretty dumb of me, since "Bloodnation" makes perfect sense), I forgot if my friend said if this was ever regular released, everything. And he moved far away and we don't have any contact anymore, sadly enough. So after some research on the internet all I could find was this one track, "Flesh of another", in a ok but not amazing sound quality. I don't know anything about this project, neither when it took place, nor if there exist more than this one track, nor if it ever was properly released, nothing. So if anyone has any information about this, please comment!
The track itself is awesome, of course. Quite weird of course, but really a perfect mixture of the two participants, dark, moody, emotional music with a slight Jazz influence. Not the music to make some sweet love to, but music to drown in. So once again, if you know something about this, comment!

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