Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So you may ask, why the hell another senseless blog on the internet? Well, basically because I want to release some interviews with bands I have done last year. Actually I planed to release a second issue of a small fanzine I did, called No Comment. But since I am a lazy fuck just like most of you, it never happened, shame on me. Anyway, I think the interviews are worth reading, and I still want to support the bands, so I decided to use this medium.
Besides that I have some ideas what else to post on this blog, nothing groundbreaking actually, but you know, maybe some of you are interested anyway.

To get started, it's pretty obvious where I have the name for this blog from, it's the title of a 7" released by the band MAYDAY. They released some of the fierciest, heaviest stuff in the early to mid-90ies. Unfortunatly they are mostly forgotten by now, since the kids today only know about Integrity and Ringworm when it comes down to "Clevo"-Hardcore, whatever that term means. So you should get into that: Mayday - Lost in Sabbath 7" (found here, you can find there countless of other 90ies rarities and must haves as well)

I guess I'm going to post the interviews in the next few days, so stay tuned.

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