Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Annihilation Time will disband

Just read that on the AT-homepage, some of you probably already know:

"First of all, we have to thank everyone who made Chaos in Tejas possible/fun. TImmy H., Dan Moore , C-Vok, Alicon and Emily, Amber (for putting up with us for a whole week!), Emo's and AMEBIX and EYEHATEGOD (for Slaying). Killer fucking time and if you missed it you're fucking bummed cuz as you may have heard, those shows were our last US shows for possibly ever! The rumors are true, Jimmy is leaving us and were putting the band to rest. BUT, the rest of us are sticking together to start something else with a new singer. We just don't know who... were still waitng to hear back from David Coverdale.

Anyhow... we're headin' out to Europe for a couple of weeks to play on a boat in Sweden with the Misfits. Sounds....interesting. That will also probably be our last shows in Europe for maybe ever, so catch us if you can.
-chris (5-29-09)"
What a fucking bummer, I only hope to see them when they're here in Europe the last time.

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