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Interview with Magrudergrind

Done over a year ago, too. The band's still very active, and they have released a few records in the meantime. Worth your time!

I picked up Magrudergrind's latest LP „Rehashed“ at the record store and was literally blown to pieces by the merciless Grindcore that came out of my speakers. I did the Interview via email with Avi, the vocalist, in September 07. Short and fast, how it's supposed to be.

Magrudergrind is up for some years now, if you could just tell me which were the most important steps in the history of the band for introduction, that'll be cool.

Avi: I would have to say the most important steps for us was touring in Europe and being able to put out a record on such a great DIY label as Six Weeks Records.

You've toured the US and Europe, next year you'll even tour Japan, South East Asia and Australia, is it the first time in those countries for you? In comparison: Touring Europe or touring the USA?

Avi: Yes, it will be my first time and our first time as a band in Japan, SE Asia and Australia. As far as comparing Europe to the US for touring, in Europe promoters and people involved in DIY ethical punk/hc/grind whatever take it much more seriously. In the US it is rare to even get a meal, yet in Europe its almost a mandatory requirement for a band, small things like that make it a lot easier on the road, when your touring for months at a time.

Are the lyrics from "The final pollution" about a real incident? Is physical violence against nazi scum an appropriate way to deal with those shitheads, even if it doesn't make oneself better than the nazis itself?

Avi: Yes, the lyrics from that song are about a true incident which happened at a show at my old house, when I lived in a group punk house. I don't see physical violence as a means of solving problems, usually, but being the third generation descendent of 4 Holocaust survivors (all 4 of my grandparents), I DO NOT take neo-Nazism jokingly, and as it says in my lyrics, "seeing the insignia" (the swastika) tattooed on the back of this guy's neck could have led to his death, had we beaten him any worse. With intellectual people, you could have a discussion, maybe change one's point of view, but with ignorant persons, uneducated enough to have a tattoo of hate in this day in age just needs to be dealt with in a more serious manner, by any means.

What importance has vegetarianism/veganism for you as persons and as a band?

Avi: For my self, I was vegetarian for 6-7 years, but I had given it up this past summer, my personal choice. The other guys in the band are vegans.

A lot of your lyrics are about two faced people, the scene and stuff like that, I'd like to know if the scene in your hometown Washington DC is that fucked up? Or is it more like the hardcore/punk/grind whatever scene(s) is in general in such a bad state in your eyes?

Avi: The scene in DC is decent. The lyrics referring to two faced people have to do with "friends" who turned their backs. I love hc/punk/grind scene but there is SO MUCH bullshit which exists, it's a great outlet. Before it was a place where no one judged you and you could be yourself, today personal opinions about others overwhelm everything, whether it be someones politically correctness or simply dietary choices, people judge you on stupid choices like that, instead of respecting your opinions and beliefs (besides prejudices and hate) which you have.

Quite many people that are somehow related to the punk and hardcore scene have like really fucked up problems with their lifes, personal problems or suffer from psychic illness, and that's not a new phenomenon at all. Can you imagine what the reason for that is? What is it that attracts those kids or persons to hardcore/punk?

Avi: I see many fucked up people, either from drug abuse or personal issues turn to this type of music as an outlet. I see nerdy ass people who turn to punk because it's the only community that will accept them. As for myself, I see these people with no other interests in life, people need to look to more ways of expression and hobbies to help progress their life in a positive direction, not just dwell around being angry at society and the main stream. Don't try to put down the world because you're angry or depressed, fix your own life and try to become a better person by looking at the positive aspects of this world.

How do you think it's possible that bands like Converge for example are able to sell thousands of records and that death/grind bands attract hordes of black haired tight pants eyeliner scumbags (yeah I know, most of the time those bands don't look any better...)? What's the reason that the mainstream media shows such a big interest in a genre which intention was at one time to react against the mainstream?

Avi: It's all about the marketing tactics. Big labels and businesses see these bands as an outlet of revenue and profit. You could take the shittiest metal band in the world, market them correctly and give them hype in many media outlets and they will be an instant hit. Look at all the shitty music people actually listen to on the radio as a perfect example, people will listen to what's put in their face.

You'll release a split with Yacopsae next year, how came that you team up with them?

Avi: We're great friends with these guys, have done a couple tours with them and decided a split would be a good idea.

Please finish the following sentences:

Terrorizer's World Downfall is...
...one of the greatest and influential grindcore albums in the history of grindcore along with Scum.

Playing without bass guitar rules because...
...it's easier touring with three people and less equipment.

The worst band I ever saw live was...
...many bands.

Work sucks because...
...it's something you don't enjoy doing.

DIY for me is...
...people working together.

Infest rules more than any other band because...
...they we're one of the originators of fastcore/powerviolence.

I don't know how...
...come I'm still answering these questions because I have to wake up for class in 6 hours.

I wish I could...
...have spent more time at the beach in Europe last summer.

Ok last question, it's for a survey I'm doing, where is the best place to read fanzines? If you wish to add anything, take the chance. Thanks for giving me the chance for this interview, I really appreciate it!

AVI: I guess on the toilet when your taking a shit or in the van on long rides. MRR and Short, Fast and Loud. Thanks for the interview, check out our tour dates at

Magrudergrind on myspace.com

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