Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Agalloch - Wooden Box 7xLP

I've waited quite a long time for this. But after I saw the massive box, I knew it was worth it. What more can I say, check out the pictures, and if you haven't yet, check out Agalloch, especially their latest record, "Ashes against the grain".

The box
Logo detail

The open box

Booklet (contains all lyrics) detail

Booklet detail


The four records (three of them are double LPs)

Box detail

Call me a nerd, I think it's beautiful and totally worth its price. 
The box is exclusively available through the Viva Hate Records webstore.



  1. nobel geht die welt zugrunde.

  2. Wow! Those were great creations! I would like mine to be customized too!

  3. The pictures was good. That will be a great creation in all. I have my own ash work wish to make it like yours. Very nice !

  4. I can fap to this.